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Melodies of Organization - Tools and Tips for Managing Your Music Program Materials

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Melodies of Organization: Tools and Tips for Managing Your Music Program Materials

The way that I have used to organize my “props” for lessons, varies.

If it’s puppets, I organize them in super sturdy plastic boxes with sturdy handles by where the animal is from (like continents), whether it swims in the ocean, flies or if it is some kind of bug. I also have one box of people and monsters. Currently, I don’t have any dinosaurs, so no puppets from that era.

If it is “props” for a specific lesson, it depends on what it is. If the prop is flat and will fit into a big envelope, then that’s what I use. If the props are large, then they go into a sturdy, plastic box. If it is a poster, I bought several art carriers (one big and one littler) to keep the posters clean and flat.

If it is costumes, again, I go to see through sturdy boxes.

If it's little stuff, like bean bags or ribbons for dance, I usually keep those in something smaller like a basket or a small sturdy plastic box.

Labels are important on every box. It sucks to spend any more time than necessary trying to find the right box. So, I include a paper inside each box with a list of contents and make sure it can be seen through the short end of the box.

If you can locate whatever you are looking for in 5 minutes or less, you have organized and labeled well.

Trust me when I say that over time, you will thank me for this idea. After a few years, if you are an Orff teacher like me, you gather a lot of stuff to teach with. Books, feathers, bean bags, bags to carry stuff in, etc., etc. You don’t really want to have to keep redoing your system. Avoid rework. Do it right the first time. Your time is precious, and you have better things to do than organize stuff.

‘Nuff said.


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