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Workshop Schedule

Click below to view Cheryl's workshop schedule. 

Cheryl Baker has been motivating and inspiring music teachers with her book, Lessons from the Music Room: A How-To Guide for the Beginning Music Teacher. As a veteran music teacher and experienced public speaker of 30 years, Cheryl gives step-by-step lessons and resources for teachers to ensure a successful career in music education.


Cheryl’s straightforward, no nonsense, approach to music education has made her a highly sought after keynote speaker. Cheryl’s highly interactive presentations and her music educational proven strategies motivates music educators and gives them a set of strategies to implement Cheryl’s music lessons in their own music room.


Cheryl Baker has been asked to present as a keynote speaker in various parts of the United States and she has presented workshops for Orff Chapters and school districts on Holiday Songs, Everyone in Tune, Technology in the Classroom, Easy Grade Pro, and Integrating Music and Literature. Cheryl’s highly dynamic and interactive presentations with the audience, even the large ones, ensure that music teachers “Get It” and it’s not just more stuff to file away. Her approach is “the more you know the more you grow”.


Baker is available to speak during the summer months and on weekends. Currently, Cheryl works as an elementary music specialist in Fairfax County Public Schools and is Level III certified in Orff-Schulwerk. She teaches kindergarten through 6th grade.


Join World-Class Music Teacher and Author of Lessons from the Music Room, Cheryl Baker as she presents effective and solution-driven strategies for the Music Educator Community!

Sign up for Cheryl Baker’s Presentations where you will receive highly rated and effective music education strategies specifically designed to help you launch your career as a music teacher!

Cheryl’s three-step training program includes the following elements:



Learn why Cheryl uses the Orff Approach for her music education program and why this approach is so important in student learning. Through her presentations, Cheryl will personally coach and guide you every step of the way.




After completing the training program, you will have access/ or receive a resource guide with research-based lessons that include everything you need to teach in the classroom, making your life easy and helping you be successful in your classroom.




You’ll learn masterful teaching techniques, network with other music teachers and receive (something for your classroom??)  Upon successfully completing the face-to-face training program, you’ll have the opportunity to create your own music lesson and receive specific feedback tailored to your teaching style to help you become the best teacher possible.

Cheryl Baker speaks on topics including:


  • Technology aids for the teachers (grading program called Easy Grade Pro).

  • In-services to demonstrate how easy this program (Easy Grade Pro) was to use, and the time saving benefits that I had found.

  • Her favorite holiday songs and activities.

  • Tailor-made presentation for any season or holiday.

  •  Workshops on integrating music and puppets into Children’s Literature.

  • Books that were used: Kokopelli, Drum in Belly, Where the Wild Things Are, The Napping House, Three Little Javelinas, Rap a Tap Tap, Think of That, 10 Little Ladybugs, and many more.

  • Workshops on getting every student singing on pitch (Everybody can Sing!)

  • Using some singing games, puppets and lots of fun, everyone in your classes will be singing on pitch in no time.Other workshops are in the planning stages.

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