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As a veteran teacher and mentor, Cheryl Baker realized that many new teachers didn't have a plan for success for their first year. They didn’t know how to set their room up, they needed help with organization, and they weren’t sure how to work with other colleagues at their schools.  So she wrote the book to help new teachers to get started setting themselves up for success in their schools and save time, save energy and work well with everyone.


Lessons from the Music Room provide strategies that work.  For working with children's personalities, for organizing your materials and making solid relationships with administrators, PTA, and others.


In short, Lessons From the Music Room was written to help new music teachers be successful and to shorten the learning curve of an inexperienced teacher and prevent a new teacher from having to struggle through the tedious process of trial and error. Lessons From The Music Room helps save time and brain power with tools already done for music teachers.  


Cheryl Baker has spent a considerable part of her music teaching life collecting a set of comprehensive lessons, experiences, and resources that she shares openly in Lessons from the Music Room.


Cheryl Baker’s Lessons from the Music Room is an incredibly valuable resource for new music teachers and addresses practically every conceivable need that a new music teacher will encounter. There are also many useful strategies for experienced teachers of all grades and subjects. The book is written in a clear, concise manner that addresses a number of situations that every music teacher faces. Lessons From The Music Room and it is filled with a treasure chest of indispensable resources.


Cheryl Baker’s Lessons from the Music Room offers a practical guide of how to do everything from arranging the room to coping with the unruly student to dealing with the administration.  It is a lifeline to new teachers. With a wealth of practical information and superb recipes for success in today’s teaching environment, Cheryl Baker’s 30 years of career experience provides examples and a step-by-step guide of what to do under varying circumstances including ideas for storage, room setup, and advice when working with teachers and principals. Cheryl’s advice helps teachers from reinventing the wheel and helps make a music teacher’s journey in the classroom enjoyable and fun!

Lessons From the Music Room Book
Lessons From The Music Room

Set the Stage for Your Music Classroom with Lessons from the Music Room. The ultimate music education resource for music teachers. As a new school year begins, many music teachers find themselves looking for ways to engage students and have them learn the fundamentals of music while having fun. Many times this could be challenging for the new music teacher when resources and classroom conditions are not conducive for student learning. Lessons from the Music Room provides support to the music teacher with a practical guide of how to do everything from setting up the classroom to managing student behavior.

Cheryl Baker Headshot
Words from Lessons From the Music Room Author
Cheryl Baker

The reason why I wrote the book is because I wanted to help fellow music teachers, especially the beginning teachers, save time in creating forms, minimize trial and error in getting their music program set up and running, and give suggestions for organizing the classroom and supplies.  Everything that I could think of that would shorten the on the job training experience for a new teacher.  I have mentored many new teachers over my career, and after giving much of the same advice to each mentee, I wrote all those suggestions and nuggets of advice down in the book.

This book was written for elementary music teachers who are in their first few years of teaching general music.  It could also be used as a supplementary text for a music education course for college students who will be starting their practicum or student teaching or internship.  It is written in an easy to read conversational tone, like you are talking to a master teacher/mentor rather than reading a dry text book.  


This book is unique in its focus.  There are other books that have been written for students who haven’t started their first job, but none that I have found deal with the “nuts and bolts” that you need to know before the first day of school in a new school.


This book will also be helpful for those teachers who are changing from middle or high school music courses.  Many music education majors only focus on performance strategies, and are ill prepared for the challenges that you will face at the elementary level.  Music education courses in college do not give you all the skills that you will need for elementary.  Perhaps there isn’t time in a four year program, but if your original intent is to be teaching at the elementary level, you need more strategies.  This book will give you a great start to the beginning of your elementary teaching experiences.


There are many strategies and helpful forms that any teacher regardless of their experience would find useful. Cheryl also wrote several chapters that are specifically written towards more experienced teachers. Besides that, there are chapters written for your administrator and for your PTA leaders and parents.

All of the information and forms in the book are based on teacher tested ideas that Cheryl has developed and used many times with great success throughout her career. The forms that she has included in the book are available to download and are saved in a format where you can change and modify them to fit your needs. Why recreate a form that has already been done for you? Modify it, and then print! It’s that simple

I hope that people who read my book will gain insight into running a successful music program in elementary school.  I hope that they will be better prepared to face the challenges of teaching music to the students of today.  I hope that they will build successful relationships with their administrators, parents and colleagues.  And, I hope that they will gain confidence to try new things during their performances with students, either with musicals, talent shows or just a grade level performance.


People should buy the book because of the wisdom that I have shared from my own teaching experience will help them handle situations as they arise in the classroom.  They should buy it because it will save them time in planning everything that they do at school.  The free forms can be modified to fit their school and their activities; for choir, for special performance groups, all school performances, anything!  The chapters about working with the PTA and administrators can help them gain the support of volunteers and possibly encourage funding of special projects such as musicals and field trips.  If they are the lone music teacher at their school, my book reads like you are talking to your mentor teacher.  They will get my words about strategies and possibilities and procedures that have been tested and perfected in the classroom.

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