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Transform Your Teaching & Experience With Cheryl's Dynamic Interactive Workshops for Music Educators
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Lessons From The Music Room

Set the Stage for Your Music Classroom with Lessons from the Music Room. The ultimate Music Teacher Resources. As a new school year begins, many music teachers find themselves looking for ways to engage students and have them learn the fundamentals of music while having fun. Many times this could be challenging for the new music teacher when resources and classroom conditions are not conducive for student learning. Lessons from the Music Room provides support to the music teacher with a practical guide of how to do everything from setting up the classroom to managing student behavior.

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About Cheryl
Coaching for New Music Teachers with Cheryl Baker

Cheryl began her higher education wanting to be an actor/director, but she has always loved being in music.  She soon realized that her talents were destined to lead her to teaching music, where she could be both musical and dramatic.  Her elementary school experience was in band (flute) and church choir.  In middle and high school, she expanded her music making by learning the oboe and tenor saxophone and finally playing baritone and alto saxophone.  She played in the marching band and the jazz band and toured five countries in Europe with her high school band.  She enjoys listening to all kinds of music but her top favorites are jazz and Broadway show tunes.  


As an elementary teacher, she taught chorus and did an annual musical every year.  She directed and musical directed Broadway Jr shows such as  Annie Jr, Fiddler on the Roof Jr, Cinderella Jr  and Aladdin Jr with a cast full of 3rd - 5th graders.  One of her leads from Annie is now pursuing a career in singing professionally.


Cheryl Baker lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and two cats. She belongs to several Toastmaster clubs and trains officers at their Toastmasters Leadership Institute regularly.  She has lived overseas in Great Britain and in Chile.  She loves to direct and act in community plays and won two awards for directing from the Sacramento Area Regional Theatre Alliance for Best Production and Best Director for Annie at Stockton Civic Theatre.

"You can see that Cheryl Baker has spent a considerable part of her music teaching life collecting a set of comprehensive lessons, experiences, and resources that she shares openly in her Kindle book Lessons from the Music Room. Any music teacher, whether you are just a newly graduated teacher or a veteran, I believe that all can benefit from the wealth of information in this amazing resource that will transform your music classroom and music program to one you will be proud of and that everyone else will be envious of. Cheryl also shares with her readers the practical tips on everything from the first day, to the end-of-year performance and classroom setups. This book will be a great asset to many beginning teachers. Definitely a must buy to add to your music library."


"What a valuable resource Lessons From the Music Room is! This book has the potential to prevent every beginning teacher from having to struggle through a tedious process of "trial and terror." As a former elementary school teacher and principal, I believe that Cheryl Baker has created a tool that addresses practically every conceivable need that a new music teacher will encounter. There are also many useful strategies for experienced teachers of all grades and subjects. The book is written in a clear, concise manner that addresses a number of aspects of classroom management and is a treasure chest of indispensable suggestions."

Esther Iseman

"No matter how many "A"s you earn in college, no matter how well you did in student teaching, there are always little tricks that make the teaching experience more satisfying for teacher and students. Cheryl's book is written from the viewpoint of an experienced successful classroom teacher. The lessons she offers are born from her daily interactions with students in all elementary school ages and in a variety of demographic groups. That she offers to share them with us is amazing. Here are all the tips a beginning teacher looks for and cannot find. Here experienced teachers may find something new to make daily lessons fresh and exciting. Well done, Ms. Baker!"

Marian R. Lutz

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